Our 3rd Public Input meeting occurred on November 14th to review and discuss the complexity of environmental issues and how redevelopment may be possible or limited based on potential new uses of the site. We shared our 3 vision statements from the last Steering Committee Meeting and finally, the presentation ended with Metric Environmental discussing what can be developed on each parcel.

We’re not as bad off as I thought.

Economic Impact Resources

Environmental Impact Resources

Vision Statement Update

After the visioning exercise took place during the second Public Input Meeting on October 10th, we diverged on Vision Statements with the Steering Committee on October 24th. This lead us to 3 vision statements seen below. The community was asked to vote on what resonated with them the most. Some residents felt that they three statements were very similar, however, this tells us that everyone is saying the same thing. We will continue to refine the Sherman Park Vision Statement.