Fifty local Near East-side residents reviewed a draft development concept for Sherman Park at the Boner Center.  The development concept provided space for a small park and greenway trails.  It also provided some space near the intersection of Sherman Drive and Michigan Street for some commercial and residential development that would serve the site and the surrounding neighborhoods.  But most of all the development concept provided real estate for future job creating industries on the west side and east side of the CSX RR tracks that bisect the site.  Storm water management would be provided by creating one management system for the west side of the RR tracks and one management system for the east side.  This would allow more of the real estate intended for private investment and job creation to used for those purposes.  Residents asked questions, and then provided written feedback on cards to help the project planning team better understand what was purposed that seemed about right in amount of space and what could use more or less space within the overall development concept.

Park is a great idea! Love the truck routes!

Site Plan Concept Views