The Sherman Park Plan Steering Committee met October 24th to review and discusses the complexity of environmental issues and how redevelopment may be possible or limited based on potential new uses of the site such as industrial redevelopment may be easier than residential redevelopment, etc.  The Steering Committee also developed language for plan vision statement using information and feedback from the Vision Exercise held during the Community Meeting on October 10th.  Finally, the a presentation with some discussion was held on the preliminary physical context and market overview for site redevelopment.

It’s all about jobs, jobs and more jobs.

Economic Impact Resources

Vision Statement Exercise

We worked on creating vision statements for Sherman Park based on the resident's input with the Visioning Card exercise held on October 10th. The Steering Committee were encouraged to include their input to craft a holistic statement that represents the history, culture and community as a whole. 

After each group came up with a rough statement we had a representative from each group share their statement. All four statements will be refined by RATIO and the Steering Committee until we come to a final consensus.