The Sherman Park Steering Committee met on Tuesday, December 12th.  They reviewed draft Vision Statement created after feedback from residents and businesses at the Community Input Meeting #3 on November 14th.  Steering Committee members then worked in small groups developing potential redevelopment land uses following a review of land use options presentation that was based on environmental, neighborhood, market, and redevelopment analysis.  These land use concepts will be shared at the next Community Input Meeting #4 scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th at 6PM at the Boner Center.

Finally, the Steering Committee members received an internal draft for their review and comment of the Sherman Park Existing Conditions Report (ECR).  While the ECR draft is not currently a public document at this time; once steering committee members have had a chance to provide additional comments and feedback, then the ECR will be revised.  It is anticipated that a public draft of the Sherman Park Existing Conditions Report will be available to the public for further comment by the time of the next scheduled Community Input Meeting #4 on Tuesday, January 16th.

It’s exciting to see the potential for greenways/trails!

Vision Statement Update

"The Sherman Park will encourage local business expansion and new business growth that will support employment with a priority to employ neighborhood residents. 

We will strive to become a neighborhood destination that will provide additional greenspace, access to educational/job training opportunities to improve the quality of life of the surrounding neighborhoods.

We will work to create developments that support affordable housing and economic growth in adjacent neighborhoods."